Loyalty for all


By understanding your customers behaviour, we design campaigns that will incentivise them to spend more with you, more regularly.


We use our unique payment card system to design bespoke loyalty cards for you with instantly redeemable points that can be used anywhere. This exclusive setup is what makes our campaigns so effective. Our solution is unique and completely scalable to a business of any size.

Prosper Loyalty Campaign

A sales boosting campaign designed to fit your business. Using bespoke loyalty cards our campaign inspires your customers to spend more with you whilst advertising your brand on a fully functioning payment card.

Prosper Loyalty Programme

A longer-term solution that drives brand engagement, larger average transactions and more repeat purchases. We work within your loyalty infrastructure to supercharge your rewards whilst differentiating from your competitors.

Prosper Incentive Loyalty

Our incentive solution provides you with a mechanism to reward key performance driving behaviours.


Your customers will spend more with you, more often, resulting in an impressive sales increase (often between 2% and 5%). Our solutions are designed to fit your business but will typically cost a small percentage of your investment during the solutions duration (approx. 0.5%). Other benefits include:


  • No risk trials
  • Increase in customer average spend
  • Increase in customer frequency
  • Brand Boost through personalisation
  • Advocacy
  • Data collection and actionable insights
  • Long term customer loyalty & engagement
  • Differentiate your business

Who we work with

We are a fast growing and ambitious loyalty company who work with a range of clients and sectors from smaller SME to big corporates such as Samsung.